What Kind of Visionary are You?

What Kind of Visionary are You? When it comes to hiring team members and describing “talent”, Gary Keller breaks talent down into three general categories in his best-selling book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  Non-Talent, Cul-de-sac Talent and Capacity Talent.  As a real estate agent in the process of re-inventing myself, I thought these distinctions were clever and made a whole lot of sense.  As long as “talent” was out there… in someone  else I might be hiring… it was easy to sit back and critque.   This talent measuring stick did not really hit home until I had an epiphany at a conference recently.  It suddenly became real personal.

Keller Williams Realty’s Mega Camp is an annual gathering each September of the best agents for across the US and Canada in Austin, Texas. The recurring delimma when you subject yourself to the presence and voices of those who are REALLY good at what they do is that you come away either challenged in a good way or crushed over what you are not accomplishing. I came challenged this time and realized I have been heading towards a cul-de-sac for 15 years.  Talent was a safe word I was using for others.  Oh, I would occasionally dance around it for myself but was able to quickly divert my attention into some other noble distraction. 

The big Ah-hah was the word “Visionary”.  When I replaced the word “talent” with “visionary” in Gary’s descriptions of the three types of talent, kaboom!  I started playing some mindset games.  Was I…

  1. A Non-Visionary (without vision)?
  2. A Cul-de-sac Visionary (seeing only what most people see and accepting normal limitations)?   or
  3. A Capacity Visionary (capable of seeing what few see and filled with big possibilities)?

There was a glimmer of hope because the mere fact of my awareness ruled out #1.  My growing frustration and distaste for #2 left me with only one option.  Turn this dang thing around!  Hit reverse! Punch it! Get back to whatever intersection it is going to take so I can head for the freeway.  No, the Autobahn.  Go hard after #3 by hanging out with as many #3’s as possible.  The journey continues.

Michael Bunch is a Real Estate consultant, Life Coach, Strategist, Leadership Junkie and Writer. His real estate sales team works out of Atlanta, GA but through his connections, Michael can help you make great real estate decisions all over the world! His focus is long-term, clients first and legacy minded.

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