What to Expect – Your Open House

With our team, you can expect your Open House to be Impressive!

Our approach to Open Houses goes well beyond just zooming in with 5 minutes to spare with directional signs and balloons.  We actually go beyond fresh flowers and baking cookies. We want every event associated with the marketing of your property to come off with elegance and energy! So, our Open Houses are conducted like parties.  They are also typically co-sponsored by one of our top lending partners so that they can pre-qualify any interested Buyer’s right there on site.

Elegant Afternoon Fare

Open HouseWe usually opt for coffees, fruits and cheeses for our Sunday afternoon Open Houses. Since most agents do not go to this level of effort, we have received very positive feedback from our events.  It also seems that we have better conversations and less critical feedback when we welcome visitors with this approach.

Big Smiles and Lots of Energy

Open HouseSadly, we are constantly surprised at how unwelcoming some Realtor events can be.  It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it colors the whole experience! At first it can feel snobby and cold.  The reality is just that not everyone enjoys hosting parties. And, that attitude is hard to hide.

We make every Open House visitor feel very welcome and seek to get answers quickly when they have questions.

Don’t Settle for Average!

When hiring a real estate agent, make SURE you know what to expect once you are listed with them. You don’t want to have to train your agent on how to market your property properly.


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