What to Expect – Buyer Agent Agreement

Buying a Home? Here’s What to Expect – Buyer Agent Agreement

What to Expect - Buyer's Agent AgreementOur approach with any relationship begins with education.  We will never ask anyone to sign a form they do not understand AND feel comfortable with.  To that end, we “chalk talk” example agreements like this one into pdf files so our prospective clients can review them in advance and ask questions.  Once we are all on the same page, its time to go buy a house!

In Georgia, real estate agents work as designated representatives for real estate brokers. That simply means that technically the Buyer Agent Agreement is between you as a Buyer and the Broker of Record in our office.  Practically speaking, you will be working with us though.  As Real Estate Agents we cannot go out in public and purport to representing you as a Buyer without having previously gained permission from you – in writing.  So, at some point pretty early on we will need to get this form signed.

For our team, there is an initial period when both parties are interviewing each other.  We are typically able to quickly determine if it is going to make sense to work together. We are tenacious and competitive.  We use technology to keep our buying process smooth.  We negotiate with information, energy, poise and leverage – not attitude and bullying. We are not for everyone. In the end though the Buyer/Agent relationship is based in a large part on trust and that goes both ways. All we want is a good fit for everyone. Our hope is always that we can help someone with their move.  But, we understand that sometimes there is a better fit with somewhere else.

Our goal is to be successful enough that we can appreciate every client without needing any one client so much that it colors our judgement.

Want to see an Example of the Buyer Agent Agreement form?

Click here > Example Buyer Agent Agreement

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