Selling Homes with a Luxury Attitude

We believe everyone should approach selling homes with a luxury attitude!

Luxury Attitude

Luxury Attitude as it relates to selling houses plays itself out in many, many ways. We believe every home deserves marketing that highlights its strengths, employs great photography and is full of energy! Whether the property is $175,000 or $1,795,000, we want ALL of our listings to sparkle! Ok, yes, we are competitive. But that’s actually great news for our clients.  They usually blow their competition out of the water.

Here’s an Example Slide show at $175,000

Our goal is always to identify the strengths of a particular home and figure out who the most likely buyer will be. Chances are, our Seller will get the highest sale price from the ideal buyer who love the house for what it is and does not need for it to be anything else. Many times our approach means “going all in” for the strengths – even if it means polarizing the buyer pool. That takes some nerve! Any time you purposefully shrink the number of potential buyers, you have to really believe that less is more. Fewer but much more interested buyers means fewer but much higher quality showings. Fewer stranger roaming around your house? Dealing with only serious buyers? No tire-kickers? Sounds pretty good to us.

On the other end of the spectrum, the general approach is the still the same.

Here’s an Example Slide show at $1,795,000

There is no doubt that we go to extra effort on our luxury listings. They are on a world-wide stage. Our syndication channels for these properties are international, our marketing collaterals are more involved and our service package is expanded. But our attitude is the same. High Standards and Hard Work = Results!


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Michael Bunch is a Real Estate consultant, Life Coach, Strategist, Leadership Junkie and Writer. His real estate sales team works out of Atlanta, GA but through his connections, Michael can help you make great real estate decisions all over the world! His focus is long-term, clients first and legacy minded.

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