Paint Cans – A Real Estate Hot Potato

Want me to leave the touch up paint?

Paint Cans

Paint cans can be a bit of a hot potato leading up to a real estate closing. Emotions range from big hassle to huge favor. Environmental regulations can make disposing of paint cans expensive and difficult. On the other hand, the buyer may really want the paint for post-move touch up IF it is fairly fresh and matches the current trim and wall colors. The problem arises in the between those two and real life almost always lies in the middle.

The Best Scenario

The best scenario occurs when the seller has partially empty paint cans with notes of what was painted with it and the date. There are less than 6 cans and they are neatly stored with a few spare rollers and pans. Nice and tidy and organized.

The Worst Scenario

Cans are left from two to three generations of paint schemes (and all are still liquid) with various other project supplies that have all probably dried out by now. Now, if the paint has solidified, that is a great thing! Then it just becomes a household waste nuisance instead of something that requires special handling for disposal.

Leave Things Better Than You Found Them

I have found that living by this rule pays off for me every time. With camping, its “leave no trace”. That way nature is preserved for the next person. When it comes to turning your house over to a new buyer, leaving behind any helpful tips on how to maximize their enjoyment of it will be a blessing that cannot be calculated. Yes, it might take work. Yes, the buyer may have been a pain in the neck along the way and not appreciate it. But they don’t define who you are do they? Leave the legacy you want to leave and be proud of your reputation. You never know how small the world is. That buyer could very well end up being in position to return the favor some day.

Michael Bunch is a Real Estate consultant, Life Coach, Strategist, Leadership Junkie and Writer. His real estate sales team works out of Atlanta, GA but through his connections, Michael can help you make great real estate decisions all over the world! His focus is long-term, clients first and legacy minded.

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