Filing for Homestead Exemption in Metro Atlanta

Every spring, home buyers are filing for Homestead Exemption in Metro Atlanta. Don’t leave money on the table! For this post, we asked Pam Robinson with closing attorneys Neel, Robinson and Stafford, LLC to simplify the Homestead Exemption process for us.  So, Pam, thanks so much for your help on this! What is a Homestead […]

How soon can I get a home loan after my Short Sale?

How soon can I get a home loan after my Short Sale? We are always looking for the short cut (or shall I say the “most efficient path”) Let me be clear – I do not mean cheating the system. We have had way too much of that in the real estate industry already! I […]

Keller Williams Realty expands into Luxury Real Estate in Atlanta

As one of the Charter Members in Atlanta , we are thrilled! KW LUXURY HOMES INTERNATIONAL LAUNCHES IN ATLANTA, GA Atlanta, GA December 7, 2012 — Keller Williams Realty announced today that one of the largest luxury divisions join the ranks of KW Luxury Homes International. With close to 60 current members the metro Atlanta […]

Decoding the various “Status” types in FMLS

Now there is a guide for decoding the various “Status” types in FMLS.  What are CONKO, PLA, CONTG ????????  Some may appear online but most will show up on property information sheets printed and/or emailed to you by your agent.  We created the following crash course to help you  interpret the various abbreviations. ACT Active.  All listed […]

Pitfalls and Gotcha’s in Leases

It always helps to have talented people on your team! This post comes from a debrief the other day with our contracts expert Lynn LeCraw. EARLY TERMINATION What happens when our client is the tenant and they want out of their lease? Most Lease forms have an “early termination” clause which must be followed exactly. Depending […]