What to Expect as a Buyer

Welcome to our What to Expect as a Buyer page! Even though the fee for Buyer Agent services is paid by the Seller, make sure you get the best service experience available! Buyer Clients of The Bunch Real Estate Group enjoy access to some amazing real estate coaching throughout the process. The steps below provide […]

Filing for Homestead Exemption in Metro Atlanta

Every spring, home buyers are filing for Homestead Exemption in Metro Atlanta. Don’t leave money on the table! For this post, we asked Pam Robinson with closing attorneys Neel, Robinson and Stafford, LLC to simplify the Homestead Exemption process for us.  So, Pam, thanks so much for your help on this! What is a Homestead […]

Decoding the various “Status” types in FMLS

Now there is a guide for decoding the various “Status” types in FMLS.  What are CONKO, PLA, CONTG ????????  Some may appear online but most will show up on property information sheets printed and/or emailed to you by your agent.  We created the following crash course to help you  interpret the various abbreviations. ACT Active.  All listed […]

Using Bing Maps Bird’s Eye Viewer

Using Bing Maps Bird’s Eye Viewer can save you a LOT of time! The internet has definitely transformed the way Buyers search for homes.  I vividly remember hearing conversations about how this app and that app were going to make agents obsolete.  Not likely… I can give you a litany of reasons why some computer algorithm will […]

Investment House Made Easy for the Risk Averse!

I will admit that as a real estate professional I should be bolder when it comes to using my insider advantage.  However for most of my first 15 years in this business, I have worked with what I would call “lifestyle” clients.  People who are moving for lifestyle reasons (new job, new marriage, new baby, […]