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Living in Chastain Park

Living in Chastain Park is an experience that is hard to describe. And yet, it’s a neighborhood people rarely want to move out of and here are some reasons why…

Chastain Park

North Fulton Golf Course

Chastain Park as a neighborhood is a collection of around 1500 homes that surround the park. The park holds a wide range of amenities with the North Fulton public golf course being the largest landmark in the middle. As you can see in the map below, Chastain Park is located inside the I-285 “perimeter” interstate loop just north of Buckhead.

Chastain Park

Want a bird’s eye perspective? Click on the photo below

Chastain Park Bird's Eye View

Real Estate:

Single family home prices in 2015 ranged from $425,000 up to $8,900,000 with the average sale price in Chastain Park currently running around $1.1M. To put that in perspective, the figure below shows the Median Home Sale Prices in each MLS area in the Metro Atlanta marketplace. Chastain Park straddles the boundary of Areas 21 & 132 (dark green in the figure below). Here is a quick link to view the homes currently listed for sale in Chastain Park.

If you have a Pinterest account, you can view sample home styles and neighborhood photos on our Chastain Park Pinterest Board.

Chastain Park


Chastain Park has one of the most diverse mixture of amenities of an park in the Atlanta. Below are photos of some of the primary venues.

Chastain Park

Chastain Park has wonderful wide concrete walking pathways around the perimeter.

Thanks to the Atlanta PATH foundation, concrete pathways were constructed around Chastain Park and today they are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Chastain Park PATH

Chastain Park Trail Map

Click map above for more info on The PATH Foundation

For more information and a trail map, click here. There are multiple loops winding around the park venues and mileages are marked for those with distance walking goals. Public parking is limited to the north part of the park and can be found primarily along West Wieuca Rd and in parking lots by the Chastain Horse Park.

The path is widely used at all times of the day with the flattest sections being along West Wieuca Dr and Lake Forrest Drive. The topography is rolling along Powers Ferry Rd on the left (western) side and there really are just a couple of steep sections.

The Chastain Park outdoor amphitheater hosts a wonderful blend of artists during the summer concert events. Check out the concert line up!

One of the most magical parts of attending a concert at Chastain Park is the picnic atmosphere. Pack as much as you want to haul and make it as fancy as you want. For most concerts there are reserved seating tables for six down front. It is very common to see candles, silverware, wine glasses and gourmet dishes as patrons unwind under the stars.

Living in Chastain Park

The ballfields host baseball and fastpitch softball teams in the spring and then convert over for football and baseball teams in the fall.

The ballfields and gym are managed by the Northside Youth Organization (NYO) which has provided team sport experiences for countless young people over the years. Click on the link above to check out all of the sports opportunities available at the park!

Living in Chastain Park

The Chastain Park Gym

Chastain Park Gym

The Chastain Park pool is operated through a public/private partnership with the Chastain Park Athletic Club.

It is also home to the 2014 ASA Champions Chastain Park Tidal Waves! As a public facility, residents of Atlanta can swim for FREE during certain hours daily.  Click here for full details and hours of operation.

Chastain Park Pool

Chastain Park Tennis Center

The Chastain Park Tennis Center features 9 hard surface lighted courts and is home to some 40 USTA & ALTA teams. Activities through Universal Tennis Academy are going on constantly thru Chastain’s¬†MeetUp app.

Chastain Park Tennis Center

Chastain Horse Park

As one of the premiere equestrian facilities in the area, the Chastain Horse Park provides riding lessons and boarding along with therapeutic riding programs. The facility also provides event space for lease and pony parties for birthdays.

Chastain Horse Park

The Chastain Park Playground

The Chastain Park playground is nestled under the big oak trees between West Wieuca and Park Drive.

Chastain Park Playground

A planned expansion is underway to more than double the size of the current footprint and add bathrooms.Play Chastain

Chastain Arts Center

The Chastain Arts Center provides a wide range programs, camps and exhibits available to the general public.

Chastain Arts Center

Another park venue is American Legion Post 140 which is tucked in the south corner of Chastain Park overlooking the path.  It is also available to rent for parties.

American Legion Post 140

If you or someone you know is considering a move to Chastain Park, contact us today.  We are working daily remain the local expert real estate expert and the best resource for Buyers and Sellers in the Chastain Park neighborhood.

Email us at michael@bunchrealestategroup.com

Visit Us at ChastainPark.info

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What to Expect as a Buyer

Welcome to our What to Expect as a Buyer page!

What to Expect

Even though the fee for Buyer Agent services is paid by the Seller, make sure you get the best service experience available! Buyer Clients of The Bunch Real Estate Group enjoy access to some amazing real estate coaching throughout the process. The steps below provide a quick overview of our “What to Expect” library for Buyers:

  1. Buyer Representation and The Form
  2. Access to our Team
  3. Rules of the Road
  4. How Much Money do You Need?
  5. Getting a Loan
  6. Analyzing Your Needs and Goals
  7. Setting up Your Home Search Radar
  8. Avoiding Resale Issues
  9. Short Sales
  10. Touring Homes
  11. Research and Pricing
  12. Preparing the Offer
  13. Negotiating
  14. Going Under Contract / Important Deadlines
  15. Due Diligence / Homes Inspections
  16. Dealing with Needed Repairs
  17. The Appraisal
  18. Final Loan Approval
  19. The Walk Through
  20. The Loan Package
  21. Reviewing the HUD-1 Closing Statement
  22. Wiring the Funds to Close
  23. Closing Day
  24. Filing for Your Homestead Exemption

What to Expect as a Seller

Welcome to our What to Expect as a Seller page.

What to Expect

Selling clients of The Bunch Real Estate Group enjoy access to some amazing real estate coaching throughout the entire process in addition to our What to Expect library shown below.

Our Pledge

Commited to QualityWe pledge to provide you with excellent service in the preparation, marketing and sale of your property. We will use the highest degree of professionalism when representing you and your property. Your total satisfaction is important to us.  Should you ever have any concerns or questions, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can work to resolve the issue together.  Please keep in mind, YOU are always in control when you work with us. Our Listing Agreement is not meant to confine you in a relationship that is not working but rather to simply provide a reasonable time window for us to aggressively market your property AND answer the crucial question as to what qualified buyers are willing to pay for it in today’s market.  If at some point you feel we are not the right partner for you in this mission, our Listing Agreement gives you the ability to unconditionally cancel at anytime prior to your property going Under Contract.

Before Your House is Listed

  1. Our Team
  2. Who is on Duty and When
  3. The Listing Agreement
  4. Continuous Price Watching
  5. Two-way Staging
  6. De-Cluttering
  7. Assist with Contractors
  8. Generate Floorplans
  9. Pre-Lising Appraisal (As Needed)
  10. Disclosure Forms to Reduce Liability
  11. Property Strengths Assessment
  12. Professional Photography
  13. Order Yard Signage
  14. Customize Marketing Plan
  15. Establish Showing Protocol
  16. Order FREE Home Warranty Coverage (If Available)
  17. Pricing and Resale Factors
  18. Set up the Seller weekly conference call schedule

Being On the Market for Sale

  1. Day One – Input into Listing Services
  2. Showing Feedback and Agent Interviews
  3. Create Slide Show and Feed into Social Media
  4. Week One – Listing Syndication
  5. Add to Luxury Websites
  6. Agent Caravan
  7. Week Two – Preview Nearby Competing Properties
  8. Open House for the Public
  9. Prospect for Buyers

Going Under Contract

  1. Negotiating the Offer(s)
  2. Screening the Buyer’s Lender
  3. Enforcing Deadlines
  4. Managing Due Diligence
  5. Assisting with any needed Repairs
  6. Managing the Appraisal
  7. Reviewing Final Closing Numbers
  8. Closing Day


  • This happens when the check clears or wire transfer arrives in your account.

What to Expect – Home Warranty Coverage

What to Expect – Home Warranty Coverage

Home Warranty Coverage

We typically use Home Warranty of America for our Buyers and Sellers because they offer 13 months of coverage versus the typical 12 for a competitive price. Many buyers want the protection in their first year to hedge when cash is tight. We even get Listing coverage for our sellers when they are on the market for sale because that protection is offered for FREE. Below is a video explaining home warranties. Want to know about specific HWA coverage in Georgia?

The question usually is: How old are your systems and which one(s) do you think you really need coverage for? Bottom line for me is this: Home Warranty coverage is a cheap safety net in real estate transactions but I would not want to have to really rely on it for a repair down the road. The fine print in home warranty agreements can frustrate you Рusually at a time when you are already dealing with something unpleasant. After the home purchase, I prefer to take my chances with my contractors Рknowing I will get the straight story and a reasonable price to fix it.

What to Expect – Showings and Feedback

As a Seller, Here’s What to Expect – Showings and Feedback

Showings and Feedback

When you have your home on the market for sale with The Bunch Real Estate Group, we will provide a Supra Lockbox for agent showing access and control. Real Estate Agents with prospective buyer clients will contact you (as the Seller) at the number we provide in the MLS and arrange for a time to come by to show your house. Each time an agent accesses your lockbox, there will be an electronic stamp and the system will email us with the time and the agent’s contact information. Here is an example below:

Showings and Feedback

For safety and security it is important that we keep a record of every person that gains access to your house during the time it is on the market. So, if you let someone in please make sure you know who they are. ¬†If it is a showing agent and you happen to be home, please¬†ask them to access the lockbox anyway so we can log them in as having shown or seen your property. Professional agents should have no problem with this request. In fact, they should expect it. If there are any concerns, do not hesitate to call us immediately. Lockbox access also¬†will be the same for other full-time service providers during the process like the buyer’s home inspector, the appraiser and the termite inspector. ¬†Typically they have a lockbox key of their own and be able to gain access without you having to be home.

Seeking Feedback after a Showing

Showing Feedback

Listing Agents have various ways to go about obtaining feedback after a showing from a phone call to sophisticated automation. These days more and more agents are using automated email systems for collecting feedback. ¬†Our approach is different – perhaps because when we are showing property we HATE getting automated emails with generic questions about what our clients thought about the house. If I am going to take the time to give feedback on one of our showings, I want talk to a human being that really wants to hear my feedback. Believe me, I really want to return the courtesy of giving feedback because I know how much feedback means to me when we get it on our listings. It’s just that generic questions turn me off and they give me the impression that the agent does not really care about specific feedback. Call me old school – I want to have a two-way conversation.

So, years ago we came up with a simple approach and it has been so well received that we get great feedback nearly every time! We call it our “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” email and it goes like this:

“I could sing you that song, but I‚Äôd much rather hear from you what you thought of 123 MAIN¬†STREET, ATLANTA, GA when you showed it! Here are some photos to jog your memory. And the home is priced at $5,000,000” (pick a number – our email works in all price ranges). It works because it makes showing agents laugh and it feels personal. It also stands out among all of the other emails they are getting. ¬†Not to mention the fact that I am actually willing to sing that song if need be to get feedback for our clients. Below is a video if you would like to hear the professionals sing it ūüėČ

Getting Quality Feedback

Getting quality feedback after a showing is really the goal. ¬†Our”Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” email is just a winsome way to get the showing agent to respond to us. ¬†Once they do, we approach showing feedback like investigative journalism. ¬†We “interview” each showing agent we reach to thank them for showing our listing and see how we can help them with their buyer. We want to know what their buyer is looking for, how large of an area they are looking in, what is really driving their search. Ideally, the discussion will lead to helping overcome any obstacles that may be in the way of an offer. ¬†If it looks like our listing is not a good fit, at least we know more about where our competition is. ¬†Then we will pay special attention to any nearby sales to see if that agent shows up as the selling agent on one of the competing properties. ¬†This kind of feedback provides crucial data so¬†we can advise our sellers of any adjustments that need to be made along the way in order to get their house SOLD.

Agent won’t Return my Call or Email

The frustrating reality is though that No Feedback is feedback. No system works 100% of the time and ours is not immune to being ignored. ¬†If the showing agent is super busy and our listing is not in the running, we may not get a response. If our listing is a top contender, we will probably not get a response – because they do not want to tip their hand that their client has serious interest. We will know which case we have in a couple of days. ¬†Buyers will not be denied something they want. ¬†If the buyer has any interest in making an offer – we will know about it in a few days. ¬†If we have to chase them down… there is probably no use. Whining, shaming and scolding will only burn up good will and sound desperate. ¬†We are better off leaving the door open for them to come back if their other choices do not work out. ¬†Our approach: kill them with kindness and stay in touch. Things can change. ¬†Another buyer could nab their first choice and they could be back ūüôā


Dealing with Your Real Estate

Dealing with Your Real Estate doesn’t have to be difficult!

Dealing with Your Real Estate

Trusted Advisor is the first phrase I think of whenever it comes time to sell real estate. ¬†That is especially true when it comes to a life’s worth of accumulated real estate and the process of simplifying life in later years. Even if the “real estate” is just one house.

Is This You?

Typical scenarios:

  • People at retirement age who want to “right size” for their current lifestyle
  • People at retirement age who want to divest themselves of investment real estate to redirect the liquidity somewhere else
  • Seniors moving into an assisted care facility on their own to simplify their lifestyle and say goodbye to their home maintenance days
  • Estate situations where the property needs to be cleared out and sold

We believe ALL of the above situations require leadership, trust, compassion, and patience. That is why these are the hallmarks of how we do business.

Selling Off Real Estate – to use the cash somewhere else

If we are hired as a part of a retirement income strategy,  the goal is usually to convert the real estate over to cash so that it can be used for something else. In those cases we usually have some timing flexibility to work for the highest price possible. We just recently worked with a client who lives out of state and owned three properties in the metro Atlanta area. One was a $250k condo in midtown, one was a $150k house in Tucker and the other was a $700k house in Cumming.  All three of those properties had tenants to work around. In each case we tailored a custom plan around the tenant leases to prepare, show and sell the property. The biggest lesson we learned was that working around tenants is a recipe for constant frustration and drama.  In the end, all the tenants were given notice and once they vacated our crews went to work getting the properties show ready. Having total control over the property was crucial for the seller to be able to make decisions and agree to a contract with prospective buyers.

Senior Situations

When we are hired to assist Seniors with their real estate needs, it is a very vulnerable time. ¬†Many times their immediate family is not located in the same city. It becomes a team effort regardless – even if the family is in the same location. In cases of failing health or capacity, time may be limited so we need to draw up a strategy that moves things forward with a definite end in mind. ¬†That doesn’t mean “fire sale” – is just means we pull in more resources to help keep the process moving. ¬†We also understand that part of this reality is that we will have to take what the market will give us now with regards to a sale price. ¬†Waiting for “what might be” is not usually an option.

Rest assured, we provide full marketing no matter what. Here are some posts from past client successes:

Friends and Relatives

Friends and relatives may come out of the woodwork when it comes time for you to deal with your real estate. You will have to be strong¬†and you may be best served by¬†a neutral third party because you are going to need wise – objective – counsel – Here’s Why.

What is Your Next Step?

If we are not related (see previous paragraph), please give us a call on our main number at 404-939-3202 or email us at michael@bunchrealestategroup.com to set up an initial consultation.  We will give you our very best counsel. Straightforward, objective and Honest.

The Difference is in the Designer

When it comes to comparing new homes, many times the difference is in the designer.

The Difference is in the Designer

When our client purchased this home, we had been looking all over Buckhead and Sandy Springs between $1,500,000 and $3,000,000. Ultimately it came down to design elements like the wide door casings, the faux metallic finish on the vent hood, reclaimed wood beams and the light fixtures. Those unique features tipped the scales on the short list of homes that matched the buyer’s goals on location, layout and size. ¬†The difference? All cosmetic. ¬†All crucial to the experience. All elements incorporated by the designer, Janice Dietz with the Consulting House.

It would be easy to assume that all homes in this price range are spectacular. ¬†But they’re not – not when compared to their competition. ¬†All you have to do is tour 20 homes in any price range to get a sense of what your money can buy. ¬†The differences become very obvious. The truth is that bland comes in all price ranges – and expectations go up with the price tag. Many of the new homes in the Buckhead and Sandy Springs market go up as spec homes – meaning the builder and/or their designer select the finish materials. And, builders go with what has worked for them in the past. ¬†So those choices are understandably conservative. That is what made this particular house stand out from the crowd. ¬†It had its own personality.

In fact, our client was so impressed with what he saw that he hired the designer to keep going after closing and finished the basement. Every single aspect of the basement finish was meticulously created to work together and create a one-of-a-kind space for elegant recreation.

The Difference is in the Designer

Matching arches lead under the stairs back to the bathroom with steam shower and sauna.

Basement Bath

The transformation has been breath-taking…

Luxurious Basement Transformation

Home Theater Area – BEFORE

Home Theater

Home Theater Area – AFTER

Scott and Jennifer Ross with Atlanta Home Theater made great use of the basement layout to create the ultimate man cave multi-media experience. The home theater can seat 7 in the leather recliners with table top seating behind that. The key with the electronics – seamless installation and super simple operation for the homeowner. If it is not fun and easy, it will not get used and life is too short for that!

Media Room 2

And then there is the golf simulator!

Golf Simulator

You can play just about any course in the world Рright from your own own home Рrain or shine! Janice Dietz carried the reclaimed wood design elements down into these areas to pull all of the living spaces together for consistency.  One of the things that creates chaos in a home is discontinuity. Most people can feel it but very few can articulate why they are feeling it. THAT is the magic of what Janice does.  She weaves amazing creativity together with function to create spaces that flow together seamlessly.  They are also both striking and fun!

Below is a photo of the mini-kitchen serving the basement areas.  Here you will find zinc countertops, a custom stone sink and a stunning mosaic tile backsplash. She formed this alcove by annexing a portion of an adjacent unfinished storage area. Great job team!

Basement Kitchen

 If you would like to discuss how our team can help you, email us today at michael@bunchrealestategroup.com

What to Expect – Listing Agreement

Selling your house? Here’s¬†What to Expect – Listing Agreement

What to Expect - Listing Agreement

Our approach with any relationship begins with education. We will never ask anyone to sign a form they do not understand AND feel comfortable with. To that end, we “chalk talk” example agreements like this one into pdf files so our prospective clients can review them in advance and ask questions. Once we are all on the same page, its time to get started with our Seller Success System so we can position your house to WIN!

In Georgia, real estate agents work as designated representatives for real estate brokers. That simply means that technically the Listing Agreement is between you as a Seller and the Broker of Record in our office. Practically speaking, you will be working with us though.

For our team, there is an initial period when both parties are interviewing each other. Usually one of three outcomes is the result:

  1. You decide that you want us to manage the sale of your house and we agree to do it,
  2. You decide that we are not a good fit, or
  3. We decide that we are not a good fit.

We are typically able to quickly determine if it is going to make sense to work together. We are tenacious and competitive. We use technology to keep our home selling process smooth and efficient. We negotiate with information, energy, poise and leverage Рnot attitude and bullying. We are not for everyone. In the end though the Listing Agent relationship is based in a large part on trust and that goes both ways. All we want is a good fit for everyone. Our hope is always that we can help someone with the sale of their house. But, we understand that sometimes goals and philosophies may not align.

Our goal is to be successful enough that we can appreciate every client without needing any one client so much that it colors our judgement.

Want to see an Example of the Buyer Agent Agreement form?

Click Here > Example Listing Agreement

What to Expect – Buyer Agent Agreement

Buying a Home? Here’s What to Expect – Buyer Agent Agreement

What to Expect - Buyer's Agent AgreementOur approach with any relationship begins with education. ¬†We will never ask anyone to sign a form they do not understand AND feel comfortable with. ¬†To that end, we “chalk talk” example agreements like this one into pdf files so our prospective clients can review them in advance and ask questions. ¬†Once we are all on the same page, its time to go buy a house!

In Georgia, real estate agents work as designated representatives for real estate brokers. That simply means that technically the Buyer Agent Agreement is between you as a Buyer and the Broker of Record in our office.  Practically speaking, you will be working with us though.  As Real Estate Agents we cannot go out in public and purport to representing you as a Buyer without having previously gained permission from you Рin writing.  So, at some point pretty early on we will need to get this form signed.

For our team, there is an initial period when both parties are interviewing each other.  We are typically able to quickly determine if it is going to make sense to work together. We are tenacious and competitive.  We use technology to keep our buying process smooth.  We negotiate with information, energy, poise and leverage Рnot attitude and bullying. We are not for everyone. In the end though the Buyer/Agent relationship is based in a large part on trust and that goes both ways. All we want is a good fit for everyone. Our hope is always that we can help someone with their move.  But, we understand that sometimes there is a better fit with somewhere else.

Our goal is to be successful enough that we can appreciate every client without needing any one client so much that it colors our judgement.

Want to see an Example of the Buyer Agent Agreement form?

Click here > Example Buyer Agent Agreement