What to Expect as a Home Buyer

Real Estate Agents are NOT all alike so make sure you get the best service experience available!

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The Process can be Dizzying

Buyer Process

So we have made it simple…

Just go One Step at a Time.


  1. Buyer Representation and The Form
  2. Disclosures
  3. Access to our Team
  4. Rules of the Road
  5. How Much Money do You Need?
  6. Getting a Loan
  7. Analyzing Your Needs and Goals
  8. Setting up Your Home Search Radar
  9. Researching the Schools
  10. Avoiding Resale Issues
  11. Short Sales
  12. Touring Homes
  13. Research and Pricing
  14. Preparing the Offer
  15. Negotiating
  16. Going Under Contract / Important Deadlines
  17. Due Diligence / Homes Inspections
  18. Dealing with Needed Repairs
  19. The Appraisal (btw: It’s not really “yours”)
  20. Final Loan Approval
  21. Getting those Utilities set up
  22. The Walk Through
  23. The Loan Package
  24. Reviewing the HUD-1 Closing Statement
  25. Wiring the Funds to Close
  26. Closing Day
  27. Filing for Your Homestead Exemption

We want our “What to Expect as a Home Buyer” Series to be the best it can be when it comes to preparing Buyers for what the process REALLY feels like.

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