What to Expect as a Home Seller

Real Estate Agents are NOT all alike, make sure you get the best service experience available!

ReviewsBuyer Clients of The Bunch Real Estate Group enjoy access to some amazing real estate coaching throughout the process.

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Before Your House is Listed

  1. Our Team
  2. Competing in the Luxury Market
  3. Who is on Duty and When
  4. The Listing Agreement
  5. Continuous Price Watching
  6. Two-way Staging
  7. De-Cluttering
  8. Assist with Contractors
  9. Generate Floorplans
  10. Pre-Lising Appraisal (As Needed)
  11. Disclosure Forms to Reduce Liability
  12. Property Strengths Assessment
  13. Professional Photography
  14. Order Yard Signage
  15. Customize Marketing Plan
  16. Establish Showing Protocol
  17. Order FREE Home Warranty Coverage (If Available)
  18. Pricing and Resale Factors
  19. Set up the Seller weekly conference call schedule

Being On the Market for Sale

  1. Day One – Input into Listing Services
  2. Showing Feedback and Agent Interviews
  3. Example Slide Shows that Feed into Social Media
  4. Week One – Listing Syndication
  5. Add to Luxury Websites
  6. Agent Caravan
  7. Week Two – Preview Nearby Competing Properties
  8. Open House for the Public
  9. Prospect for Buyers

Going Under Contract

  1. Negotiating the Offer(s)
  2. Screening the Buyer’s Lender
  3. Enforcing Deadlines
  4. Managing Due Diligence
  5. Assisting with any needed Repairs
  6. Managing the Appraisal
  7. Reviewing Final Closing Numbers
  8. Getting the House Ready for the Buyer
  9. Closing Day


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